Join our Herd

What do we do?

Frankly my Deer offers our makers a unique place to parade your amazing hand crafted creations, Offering you the chance to get your items into your own selling space, without commitment, time, money or resources.   Frankly my Deer is not a pop up shop.

Is your making a hobby?

or your full time job? as long as your products are handmade in Sheffield or the surrounding area we would love to hear from you.

Where are we?

You will find us in the heart of the buzzing Sheffield Antiques Quarter at 361 Abbeydale road, Sheffield, S7 1FS (Please see our contact us page for map)

Why choose us?

Being a crafter for many years myself I appreciate the problems which makers face, Standing outside in the rain, chasing my items across a field even on a sunny day has never really appealed to me, Craft fairs and markets are often expensive and footfall or takings sadly are not guaranteed. We offer a space of your own at a price which is affordable. Shelves and wall space start at just £15.00 per month, there is also a 20% commission charge, these charges help cover bags, debit card transactions and the general running of the shop. We provide staff to look after your customers - so you can concentrate on your making! You will also be featured on our Facebook page on occasions which suit your items. You set your prices, you stock your shelves and merchandise your space - just like a mini shop.

What are we looking for?

Your products should be high quality, be allowed to be sold in our shop, from glass to ceramics, paper craft to jewellery, toys to preserves, art to well almost anything handcrafted, if you are looking for a permanent place to sell your makings Frankly my Deer is for you.

Rental contract.

Our contracts are simple, we do have a few requirements which we ask of you .  You must be available to come and stock your space at least once per month, we will let you know if you need to come and fill up sooner than expected!  At busy times such as Christmas you will be required to stock your space more frequently. You must also rotate your stock on a monthly basis, shelves which are left untouched can often look tired to our regular customers. Although we will tidy your shelf it is your job to keep it clean, we don't want to damage anything whilst we are twiddling our feather dusters. All items must be clearly marked with your logo/name and price, where possible a removable ticket/tag would be appreciated this helps us to control your stock easier. Payment for rental space must be paid on the 28th of every month directly into our bank account by standing order, Our minimum Contract is three months, your first months rent plus three months is payable upon deciding you would like to sell with us.

Should you decide that Frankly my Deer is not for you, we require you to give at least one months notice before removing your items, though you are welcome to stay for the contracted three months you have already paid for at the styart of your contract, no refunds will be given should you choose not to give three months notice, as we are a small shop, you will appreciate we don't have space to store uncollected items, therefore stock must be picked up at the end of your rental agreement period, Any stock not collected two months after end rental date will be donated to charity. Sadly retail does attract shop lifters, Whilst we do take precautions to prevent this happening sometimes on very busy days such as market days it is impossible to stop shop lifting completely, Frankly my Deer cannot be held responsible for stock lost in this way. large amounts of stock must not be taken from your shelf/space to stock craft fairs etc. All sales must go through Frankly my deer, Customers will not be able to pick up stock that has been privately paid for directly to you. When you agree to join frankly my Deer, upon paying your first rental payment, you accept all terms and conditions listed above. if you would like to chat with us about anything please contact Karla 0114 3273637.

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